Alina 20 years

Height: 166 cm, weight 57 kg., Chest: 4 size

Asya 21 years old

Height: 158 cm, weight 41 kg., Chest: 2 size

Lisa 22 years old

Height: 153 cm., Weight 44 kg., Chest: 3 size

Mulatto-Anya 20 years old

Height: 165 cm, weight 45 kg., Chest: 3.5 size

Yana 21 years old

Height: 172 cm, weight 45 kg., Chest: 2 size

Ira 22 years old

Height: 157 cm, weight 43 kg., Chest: 2 size

Kira 21 years old

Height: 163 cm, weight 55 kg., Chest: 4 size

Karina 18 years old

Height: 166 cm, weight 45 kg., Chest: 2 size

Prices for erotic massage

Erotic massage Kiev – the price of our health, both physical and emotional, a blessed procedure, in the conventional sense is considered one of the most effective health procedures. Prices for erotic massage, of course, vary greatly among themselves. It depends primarily on the type of services we provide. The amount of time spent by the masseuses of the salon for a particular procedure also directly affects the cost of the massage, the price, which will also depend on whether you are our regular customer. Since the bonus system of discounts and the promotions constantly held by our salon significantly affect the price reduction for eromassage Kiev and allow us to form the best offers for our regular customers. It is for this reason that erotic massage in Kiev is inexpensive and quite affordable for them.

Prices for erotic massage in our salon are formed based on the needs of our clients, as well as depending on the features and exclusivity of a particular service provided by our masseuses. Discounts on massage are not provided for clients during a one-time visit to the salon, but if you become our loyal guest, our loyalty program will become available to you, along with our regular clients. And then the cost of massage – the price of any of the procedures will become much more profitable and interesting for you.

You can familiarize yourself with the list of our services and choose for yourself the optimal procedure for erotic massage in Lviv, which will fully meet your expectations. But, along with more than democratic prices for massage, our salon is ready to offer high quality of our services. Inexpensive professional erotic massage is one of the most worthwhile advantages of our salon, which is so highly appreciated by the regular customers of our salon. After all, how important it is that the result of the magical touches made by the girls during the session are energy fullness and vigor in the body, getting rid of stress and fatigue and incredible bliss, because the highest cost of massage is precisely the quality.