Intimate massage

The benefits of intimate massage

Интимный массаж в салоне КарменExciting touching the sensitive points located on the skin removes negative blocks and releases sexual energy in both sexes. This art was perfectly mastered earlier in Thailand, Japan, India and China as far back as 2.5 thousand years ago. Massage helps well with osteochondrosis, lumbar diseases, stress, insomnia, and sexual weakness. The masters knew well the location of the acupuncture points and successfully stimulated them. Today, intimate massage began to be practiced in Kiev, which is carried out in the “Carmen” salon with a full entourage – beautiful masseurs, romantic music and incense. At the beginning of the session, you may be offered a ginger drink that will speed up metabolism and activate cells. Pressing the active points “sen” clears the energy channels and provides free movement of vital energy. The elbows and knees show the greatest strength.

Thai intimate massage – a combination of muscle and point efforts

The duration of Thai erotic massage must be at least an hour. At the end of the ritual, the most patronly attention is paid to the head: ears, back of the head, chin and cheeks. In these areas, called “sacred” by the Thais, there are many important centers. A skillfully performed Thai erotic massage quickly relieves headaches, colds and depression. Unlike other manipulations, there is no yoga here and many clients even fall asleep during the session. Thai aromatic oils, which have a tonic or soothing effect, are of great importance. An experienced specialist determines the type of oil that required at the moment, just glancing at the visitor once.

Believe in your irresistibility!

The desire to have fun and gain strength is inherent in absolutely everyone. Therefore, erotic massage for a girl is a very popular service in Kiev. This is the perfect way to deal with stress, overwork and weak libido. The procedure is very useful for everyone, but especially for those who have crossed the 30-year mark. Young men of model appearance work in the salon, communication with whom will help to relax and find new sources of inspiration. The master uses in his work all open areas of his body, including limbs, back, abdomen, buttocks. The massage therapist’s touch helps to find new erogenous zones, helps to liberate and awaken sleeping emotions. You are guaranteed comfort, complete safety, anonymity and professional support!