Erotic VIP massage

Erotic VIP massage with continuation

Эротический VIP массажRelaxing, erotic massage has become, of course, the best way to relax in the evening, and a sweet, obedient, naked girl only kindles the erotic heat of passions! And every time the movements of the masseuse become slower and easier, you regretfully realize that the pleasure comes to a logical conclusion, although your whole body wants a continuation, captivating, exciting, sparkling, a real extravaganza of feelings and erotic emotions!

For such sophisticated clients, the new salon of the city of Kiev “Carmen”
has a spicy offer! Continued massage – how frantic and seductive the name of the session sounds! Such a massage will definitely appeal to those clients who, for a feeling of complete delight from an erotic show, just massage is not enough. This offer is for those who are ready to go further than regular erotic massage! And what lies behind such a promising sequel treat?

Continued massage is a fun sexual game in which you, along with the masseuse, create an erotic mood. Share your feelings and emotions with the girl, entrust her with your innermost erotic fantasies! And it is during an erotic massage session that your secret desires can come true!

Vip massage is not only an individually selected program that best suits your wishes and needs! This is the creation of a special atmosphere for your complete relaxation. This is an amazing pleasure that can relieve you of stress, depression, negative emotions! Vip erotic massage in Kiev in the “CARMEN” salon is a unique offer! No other massage parlor can please you with such an assortment of spicy caresses and pleasures!

Our girls are the best massage masters! And their unbridled imagination is able to turn any massage with continuation into an extravaganza of erotic feelings and emotions! Never before have you experienced such a realistic orgasm with girls without sexual contact!

What will be the sequel?

An exciting erotic massage traditionally begins with a body cleansing ritual! Nothing is more intimate than taking a shower together! Enjoy the girl’s gentle touches to your body and allow her to go as far in the shower as it is permissible for you! Let your massage begin here and now! In the agonizing anticipation of the continuation, you will move to your huge, comfortable and comfortable bed of love! In the apartments of our salon, the atmosphere is designed in a special, refined style, without the slightest hint of vulgarity!

What will be the exciting erotic massage this time? Our girls are ready for any naughty experiments for your pleasure! Just touching and stimulating isn’t enough for you? Ever wanted to experience the double pleasure of playing with two girls at the same time? Indicate this in your order or ask the girl to invite a friend! Your comfort and pleasure is our main goal!

Our girls will give you what you miss in your everyday life! Let your desires and fantasies free, and our sexy beauties will make every effort to realize them!

Continued massage is an erotic pleasure that will not end in time! The logical conclusion of the action is your culminating relaxation, the eruption of your inner volcano! Tell the masseuse what gives you the most pleasure, and be sure that she will surely pamper you with such desired caresses!

In the massage salon “Eva Club” in Kiev, pleasure is not limited to this! Only with us you can combine programs, creating your own unique erotic shows and achieving unforgettable states!