Body massage

Body massage in Kiev

Боди массаж КиевMassages are becoming more and more popular today. It is worth looking for the reason for this phenomenon in the specifics of the modern lifestyle – people have to work hard, and today work is often associated with low mobility and stress. Recuperation in such a situation is simply inevitable. We recommend you a body massage in the Carmen salon. Today, this is undoubtedly one of the best methods for relieving fatigue and accumulating strength.

Why is body massage useful?

Body massage in Kiev, like any other, allows you to count on complete relaxation, in particular:

  • relieving irritation and fatigue;
  • increased efficiency and mood;
  • relieving pain in the lumbar region, joints of the legs and arms, spine.

But the main feature of erotic massage in Lviv is its effect on male potency. A special technique stimulates the discovery of the secret potential of the body.

The specifics of the session

Body massage, due to its specificity, requires a special approach to the selection of specialists. Our masseuses are girls with the most delicate hands and excellent figures. This combination provides maximum impact on the erogenous zones. Their proximity and inaccessibility – this is one of the main principles of a body massage session. That being said, please note that we offer cheap body massage.

Varieties of massaging programs

Salon “Carmen” offers about 30 types of body massage. Classic techniques should be considered:

  • body massage (1 operator, 4 hands);
  • erotic massage + aqua-gel complex (1 operator in 4 hands).

In addition to a voluminous set of classic massages, which can be considered classic, you will find additional services in our price list, in particular:

  • massage + conversation (inviting girls to bodysuits);
  • foot massage (“foot fetish”);
  • кедровую бочку – мини-сауну;
  • sauna;
  • “Sakura branch”.

Who benefits from erotic massage

Many men may have a very reasonable question: who will benefit from body massage. The answer here is predictable, even trivial – everyone. The fact is that the rhythm of a modern man is associated with constant stress at work, often even stresses that are a consequence of the intensity of work. In such a situation, recuperation is simply necessary.

Those who at least once came to a body massage session at the Carmen salon noted that they felt ten years younger. The strength that middle-aged people will feel in their bodies will be remembered by their young years, when energy literally overwhelmed them.

We have the best deals

We have the best price for body massage in Kiev. In addition, there are discounts. Promotions for body massage (for Saturday sessions), aqua-foam complex (on Thursdays), double relaxation (every Sunday), sakura branch (on Tuesdays) are considered relevant today.

You can also order the rental of VIP-premises and body massage in VIP. Note that we are by no means talking about intimacy.